standard-title History


Over 40 years in the mechanical machining market,
with strength of experience and our determination to succeed!


3B MECCANICA S.r.l. took over the company from the previous owner, maintaining the workforce and its specialisations, thus guaranteeing operational continuity and specialisation in mechanical machining, integrated with assembly and testing activities for the textile sector and other machinery.


The restructuring actions lead the company to move mainly towards the mechanical machining in response to the recession that hit the metalworking sector in that period.



The company expanded its activities, specialising in the assembly of textile machinery, tumblers/looms and various other products, further increasing its staff to 45/50 people during the 1990s and 2000s.



Start of the assembly and mounting activities of machinery (pumps and compressors) and generators. Staff increased to 15 employees.


Start of the company as a mechanical workshop, for subcontract machining, with 10 operators.