In 2017, the Bergamo-based company he worked for went bankrupt. But with his wife he decided to take it over: “I re-employed 19 people and we now have 5 new employees”. And when he saw the TV drama with Beppe Fiorello, he thought: “I saw myself in a new light”.

From operator to entrepreneur to save the company he had worked for for 25 years from bankruptcy, along with his colleagues. For Ferruccio Bonacina, 44, owner of 3B Meccanica in Urgnano (Bergamo), it was a real “shot in the dark”. He took over the company he was working for and took with him the other workers who would otherwise have ended up out on the streets. Today he and his wife Claudia Zini are at the head of a team of 19 people (excluding the two of them): 14 are the former colleagues whom he re-employed and five newly hired.

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